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LinkedIn is the first effective social media platform for B2B marketers, and it is still the most effective marketing channel in that arena. LinkedIn published a new version of “The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to Content Marketing” in 2016, embracing content as an essential issue. Over time the platform has expanded its original features and functionalities to become a powerful marketing platform.chart showing LinkedIn as top Social Media Platform for B2B

According to SiriusDecisions, “up to 70% of content created by B2B marketing teams goes unused.” That’s a disturbing statistic that every serious content marketer needs to get serious about changing. So how do businesses build a successful B2B platform on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s Big Rockbrown rock formation at sunset

The Big Rock is a proven method LinkedIn has provided intending to create more relevant content. It’s your chance to publish the be-all-end-all content on a topic that matters to your target audience. It is easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of developing content that keeps prospects engaged and interested down the path to purchase. The Big Rock is a substantial content asset (15-30, or more pages). It helps set your business apart from the competition and powers your demand-gen engine for months on end. Over time businesses begin to break the rock as exposure grows with valuable content over time.

Company & Showcase Pages

Deliver relevant content to your audience via LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages. Use Company Pages to catch the eye of prospective customers by featuring relevant content. Showcase Pages serve the same purpose as Company Pages for specific business lines, products, or company initiatives. Content Marketers need to understand the 1:4 Rule: For every self-serving post, you should share four pieces of relevant content written by others.

LinkedIn SlideShareman sitting on black leather bench holding gray laptop computer on top of white wooden table

SlideShare is the largest presentation sharing community in the world for professional content, with 60 million unique visitors each month and more than 15 million uploads. Include keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags to optimize your presentations for search engines and LinkedIn SlideShare search results. Link your SlideShare presentations to your website to gain a quality inbound link. Leverage the Clipping tool to highlight and share the most valuable content you have produced with your networks.

Publishing in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has also become know as the definitive professional publishing platform. Nearly 2 million unique writers publish more than 130,000 posts a week on LinkedIn. About 45% of readers are in the upper ranks of their industries (managers, VPs, and CEOs). Top content-demanding sectors are tech, financial services, and higher education.  The LinkedIn Pulse app is available for both IOS and Android to stay on top of the content that is trending in your industry.

LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn Groups enable you to join or build engaged communities of key professionals. Utilize Groups to weigh in on active discussions and point fellow group members to additional information or value. Build your personal connections with the increased visibility that engaging in Groups provides.

LinkedIn is about connecting with people, people connecting with brands, and people connecting with organizations. Social Media has the potential to create enthusiasm and drive traffic for your organization. When we look at LinkedIn, and Social Media at its core, it’s about connections – sharing thoughts, resources, and ideas. Businesses, and anyone working in marketing, must understand that all of these real-time, instant interactions are trackable. Captivating content and the ability to adapt to each Social platform’s mission is an essential asset to marketers today. Check out our pages on Social Media Marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and contact SPF Marketing today by e-mailing stefan@spfmarketing.com or calling (313) 641-0134.

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